• Bachelor in Dance by UNESPAR Campus of Curitiba II (2017)
  • Technical course in Classical Ballet, at Professional Education Center Ballet Coppélia (2010)
  • Choreographer at Cena Hum’s Musical Marathon, “Frenzied Life” (2018)
  • Rehearsal person for the Flashmob “Dance With Me” by Cristian Duarte for the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba (2018)
  • Dancer and ballet teachr at Sashas, directed by Jo Cardoso (2018/2019)
  • Teacher of a Dance workshop at Festival Melissa Makers – Tramas Urbanas – Curitiba (2018)
  • Dancer and choreographer of the video clip of “Savana” by singer Ailum (2017)
  • Ballerina of the video clip “Amadurece e Apodrece” of the band Tuyo (2017)
  • Improvisation research in jazz, by Promenade Dance Group, with support of Hoffmann House. (2017)
  • Teacher for SESC Dramaturgias in Concórdia – SC with the workshop “Improvisation in Jazz” (2017)
  • Teacher of “Improvisation in Jazz Dance” at Studio Kdance, in the city of Itajaí – SC (2016)
  • Choreographer at the VIII Encontro Catarinense de Dança em Florianópolis(2016)
  • Creator of the artistic collective Promenade Dance Group (2015 – currently)
  • Dancer and choreographer of the musical “TOMA” with presentations at the festivals Psicodália and Fringe (2014)
  • Ballerina of hip hop group InPulse, by Edy Style (2011)


  • Extension Project “Interdisciplinary in Theater – Musical Experiences and Experiences”, at UNESPAR Campus of Curitiba II (2012)
  • Advanced Jazz and Jazz for Teachers and Choreographers, with Edy Wilson, at the Anacã Studio in São Paulo / SP (2015)
  • Classical Ballet Course with Maître Sergio Yanneli at the Mercosul Dance Festival in Porto Iguaçu (ARG) (2010)
  • Super Workshop of the 16th International Hip Hop Festival 2017 with professors Devin Jamieson (CAN), Jerome Esplana (CAN), Mike Song (USA), Clévio de Souza (BRA) and Henrique Bianchini (BRA) in Curitiba / PR
  • Workshop of Improvisation and Creation in Dance as Ronda Group of Dance and Theater (2012) in Curitiba / PR
  • 8x Jazz by Caio Nunes, with classes in Choreographic Conception, Squeeze Jazz and Musical Jazz, at the Petite Danse School in Rio de Janeiro / RJ (2017)